About Us

Ekeygames is an escape games site with users all around the world. Escape games are usually games which has the object of finding the way out from a locked place. The place may be a house, mansion, maybe a shopping mall and even a fantasy place or a haunted cemetery. But the rule is the same is to escape from the place by finding the exit key.

Our escape games have more interesting steps and the concepts are so different that you will find some steps so surprising and sometimes shocking too. To make it more ultimate we have made the codes and combinations much cleverer and make you to involve in the game completely. Finding the key will be the important task of our escape games. In order to find the key like any other escape games you need to search everywhere in the rooms for clues and solve all the locks, interesting puzzles and combinations.

Our hidden object games and adventure games are much fun playing just like the escape games. Much sporty adventure games to keep you at the edge of the seat as our designers and scripter’s are very talented that our games are made with so many details making it very realistic to play. Our hidden object games are made with very eye-catching designs that it would take you to a different world and give you an amazing experience searching the hidden objects.

It’s fun to play our professionally made quality games with adventurous tasks making it more addictive and engaging. Some love horror, some love fantasy, some love normal, there can be users with different tastes so we make games in every genre to make our games interesting for all types of users to play. Some of our games are released during the festival times with themes related to the festivals like Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving and much more to make you enjoy the festivals with our exciting games. Hope you have a wonderful experience playing our games.